Montgomery Gallery brings to both buyers and sellers an unparalleled level of connoisseurship, scholarship, and personal attention. Buyers can be assured that the gallery stands behind the authenticity and high caliber of all artwork that we represent. In turn, sellers can be confident that we make each painting a priority and will work to ensure its purchase by a reliable party.

When making a purchase, clients are given time for thoughtful consideration of works including, if necessary, viewing it at home. With each purchase, we provide our clients with an extensive background on the artist and the work, as well as a complimentary insurance appraisal.

  • consignment + purchases

    A legal “Consignment Agreement” is issued to each consignor detailing the terms of sale and a break-down of commission rates based upon the selling price achieved. There are no insurance fees, additional illustration costs, or unsold reserve charges. Payment is made immediately upon the completion of the sale.

    On occasion, the gallery is willing to pay a fair and competitive cash price for the purchase of individual pieces or collections.

  • scholarship

    Drawing upon its associations with noted scholars, curators, art historians, and its own extensive art reference library, Montgomery Gallery expands the body of scholarship of each exhibited work by developing a detailed dossier, and when possible, acquiring a certificate of authenticity from the recognized expert.

  • buyer consultant

    Montgomery Gallery serves as an agent for its clients, utilizing its resources to locate art at auction or from other sources, and provides a report on the authenticity, condition, quality and value of artworks. A nominal fee is charged for these services.

  • appraisals

    Free of charge, Montgomery Gallery does provide verbal, fair market evaluations on works brought into the gallery or based off of digital images submitted via email or post.

    The following appraisals are billed on an hourly basis and executed in compliance with the standards of the Appraisers Association of America:

    Estate/Insurance: By seeing works in person or, in select cases, working from photographs, the gallery will provide the client with a current appraisal for an estate or insurance carrier. Upon completion of the appraisal, should the gallery sell the work, the charge for the initial appraisal will be refunded.

    Gift Tax/Donation: Appraisals will be facilitated with the Art Dealers Association of America ensuring that the client receives the most reliable valuation.

    All appraisals executed by Montgomery Gallery are kept on file and are available to the client in the event of their loss or damage.

  • shipping

    Extensive experience with the shipping of fine art enables Montgomery Gallery to orchestrate reliable and efficient transportation of art worldwide.

  • conservation

    Montgomery Gallery is experienced in assessing the condition of artworks and recommending the necessary treatment for their preservation and enhancement. The gallery routinely consults with various professional restorers who are members of both the International and American Institutes of Conservation to maintain and improve the integrity of every piece.